Happy Valentines Day everyone!! 


I am playing a show this evening at the amazing Sapporo on Ingram Street in Glasgow from 5.30 - 9.45pm. 

If you would like to come along please call to book a table.  It s an AWESOME Japanese restaurant where they cook the food right in front of you.  AND they also have Vegan options on the menu!  (I am a vegan, you can understand my excitement at getting a delicious FREE meal, perk of the job guys!) 


This week I am recording a couple of new demos one video for my YouTube Channel and one audio.  Head over and subscribe, I am very lonely on YouTube at the minute! 


Unfortunately my gigs at The Trading House have all been cancelled due to the venue totally closing down (it wasn't me - honest!!).  It was all very last minute and it is sad as I mega enjoyed playing there. RIP The Trading House Glasgow.

So...I am currently on the look out for new venues to play in Glasgow, give me a shout if you know of anywhere! 


For those of you that cannot make it down to a show I will be live streaming twice per month on YouTube!  I will play 4 covers (get your requests in!) as well as answering any of your questions.  Remember to subscribe to my channel and sign up to my news letter for information on dates!

Well that is all from me today!  Thanks for reading and to keep up to date with my gigs, any wedding fares and industry info that may of interest to you sign up to the mailing list!! 

Rosie xxxx

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